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The completion of a capstone (project and paper) will result in an additional one unit in your transcript concurrently with a 4 or 5-unit ISP course. With the approval and advisement of the instructor, the capstone project and paper must be completed within the length of the course, since it is not a stand-alone course. It is the responsibility of the student to develop a research project according to the ISP Capstone Guide and the Guidelines on Capstones, under the guidance of the instructor, in order to be registered for the additional unit. The instructor will then act as advisor, overseeing the integrity and accuracy of the student's independent work, and ensuring that the completion of the capstone (project and paper) reflects the academic format indicated by the Capstone Guide and the Guidelines on Capstones.

It is of paramount importance for the student to be aware that the capstone requires a minimum of 45 hours of independent work by the student in addition to the regular coursework. The objective of the capstone is to deepen and integrate new and meaningful knowledge through a systematic study of a well-defined topic. It must be carried out in a way that demonstrates thorough understanding of the chosen topic and an ability to relate the topic to real-life situations. Although the student is free to explore a variety of topics and pursue a variety of approaches, the capstone must provide the student with hands-on experience utilizing the scientific method and academic writing conventions.

How to register and pay for the Capstone:

1. A student who is interested in pursuing an additional credit unit must register for the Capstone by filling out the "Capstone Project Registration and Plan of Study" form in collaboration with his or her instructor. The completed form must be submitted no later than the Thursday after the 1st weekend of class. The form is available online as a "fill-in" PDF format that allows the student to save the information entered.
Please note: no handwritten registration form will be accepted.

Please follow this link to access and download the "Capstone Project Registration and Plan of Study"

2. After completing and signing the "Capstone Registration and Plan of Study" form (which is also known as the Capstone), the student must also obtain the approval and signature of his or her instructor. Once the form is complete, please fax to 1-877-203-5588 or send it as an e-mail attachment to

3. Payment for the Capstone must be submitted by Thursday after the 1st weekend of class.

4. Important: Please be advised that the withdrawal information available online applies for all ISP classes, including the Capstones. So, please read and abide by the withdrawal rules as indicated in our "Guidelines on Withdrawals".

Please fill out the "Capstone Project Registration and Plan of Study" typing directly into each field (the form is a fill-in PDF file) and fax it to 1-877-203-5588 or send as an e-mail attachment to

You must get your instructor's approval on the registration form and plan of study before faxing or e-mailing it.

Please be aware that you should send (fax or e-mail) the complete registration and plan of study no later than the Thursday after the 1st weekend of class.

Adopted on 06 /03/ 2010.
Revised on 11/22/2013.

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is offered in two locations:
Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.
Los Angeles classes are held at:
Southern California University of Health Sciences
16200 E. Amber Valley Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604
Directions to ISP - Los Angeles - Whittier Campus

San Francisco Bay Area classes are held at:
22100 Princeton Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Directions to ISP - San Francisco Bay Area - Hayward Campus

ISP Phone: 1-877-477-7242
ISP FAX: 1-877-203-5588

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