Integrated Science Program

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Certificate in Natural Sciences

The Integrated Science Program offers the Certificate in Natural Sciences.

Do you need credits towards the completion of your BA or MA?
Do you want to be fully prepared as you apply to any health profession school after ISP?

If you answered yes to just one of these questions above, you will want to learn more about the Certificate in Natural Sciences.

There are two tracks for students at the Integrated Science Program (ISP).

  1. Many students enroll in ISP classes choosing only the classes they need in order to complete the necessary prerequisites to ultimately enroll in the school of their dreams.
  2. ISP also offers a Certificate in Natural Sciences for students who complete all eleven (11) ISP science classes listed below.

Students may be interested in pursuing this Certificate in Natural Sciences because they:

  1. May transfer the credits from all eleven (11) classes towards the completion of their BA or MA. That can be a total of 44 transferable credits!
  2. After the completion of the Certificate in Natural Sciences students will be fully prepared to get into any health profession school after ISP.

The courses that must be completed in order to receive the Certificate in Natural Sciences are as follows:

Certificate in Natural Sciences Enrollment procedure:

Step 1 – Fill out an ISP application online and select all 11 Certificate in Natural Sciences prerequisite courses.

Step 2 – Email Carla Skorin at In this email, please announce your intent to enroll in the certificate in natural sciences program (If some of these classes are from another institution, please specify and be prepared to submit transcripts, see step 3).

Step 3 – All essential transfer documents must be forwarded to Carla Skorin at SCUHS. First, you will need to forward unofficial transcripts by email or fax. Then, after an initial review by SCU administration, an SCU representative will contact you requesting submission of official transcripts by United States Postal Service (USPS).

Unofficial Transcripts: It is the responsibility of each student to ensure that all unofficial transcripts are submitted to the SCU offices.

You can either email your unofficial transcript(s) to Carla Skorin at, or fax them to 562-902-3306 (please include a cover letter indicating the total number of transcripts faxed and the total number of pages faxed, including cover page)

Official Transcripts: Upon request by SCU administration, please send your official transcript(s) by mail to:

attn: Carla Skorin
Southern California University of Health Sciences
16200 E. Amber Valley Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604

Step 4 – Once your official transcript has been received and evaluated, you will be notified which classes have been accepted for advanced standing towards the Certificate in Natural Sciences and which classes you will need to register for and eventually complete for the Certificate in Natural Sciences. Please be sure your application reflects all the classes you need to be registered for. If you need to add additional classes, please e-mail:

Step 5 – As a reminder, a copy of your driver’s license and social security card along with your official high school transcript must be in your student file.