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Private Student Loans
for the
Integrated Science Program

Students taking classes at the ISP program are eligible to apply for Private Student Loans

Private Student Loans

Private student loans are available to both students and parents who need assistance with education costs.

A private loan is not a federal student loan, but one through a private bank or other lending institution. Private student loans are credit-based funding provided by outside, nonfederal lenders to help cover educational costs.

To review and compare some private loan products and begin the application process, you will be directed to the Great Lakes FAST Choice webpage.

Fast Choice is a private loan application system. At Fast Choice, students and parents are able to search, compare, and apply for private loans. The lenders listed at Fast Choice have offered quality customer service to our students in the past and we expect the same service in the future. They also offer competitive interest rates and lower fees.

Our desire is to assist you as you attend the SCU - Integrated Science Program and to seek for responsible lenders. We strongly encourage you to review each of the lender's information to determine which benefits and terms are best for you.

Take into consideration repayment terms, interest rates, and deferment options before choosing a private loan. Some lenders may require a co-signer for credit reasons. For students who apply through a lender on the Fast Choice website, the loan funds will be disbursed electronically, allowing for an efficient process for the borrower and the school.

First Step

1- Download Private Educational Self Certification Form

2- See instructions & table below to calculate Cost of Education (COA)

3- Once you determine your COA fill in Section 2 line A&C. B is always 0

4- Fill out Personal Information Section 3 & 4

5- To apply for loan go
here (Great Lakes FAST Choice webpage)

6- You may be asked to provide your college/university school name and 8-digit school code.
School name: Southern California University of Health Sciences School code: 0012290

7- After completing the loan application, please contact or send an e-mail to our financial aid department to confirm that your application has been approved or denied.
Email: or Call 562 -947-8755- ext- 766.

8- In order for the Student Loan office to certify the loan:

a- The loan application must be approved
b- The ISP/SCU application has been submitted
c- The $55 application fee is paid
d- Your class schedule has been created.

Helpful things to remember about requesting a Private Education Loan

We advise you to apply for your private loan 4 weeks before your first course starts. This time frame allows for the lenders' 10 day right to cancel period, class schedules to be created, time for loan to pay the tuition, as well as prepare any expected living expense reimbursement from the loan.

How to calculate Cost of Education (COA)

When you request approval for your Private Education Loan you will need to provide to your lender your estimated Cost of Attendance for the period of enrollment covered by the loan. If you want to borrow a loan to cover only Tuition and Cost of Books then use the Minimum COA amount for Line A.

If you need to borrow a loan to cover educational expenses such as Tuition, Books, Room & Board, Transportation, Food etc- then use the Maximum COA figure for Line A

How to Calculate your Cost of Attendance (COA) for Private Education Loans Tuition Books (New) Minimum COA Maximum COA
Gen Chem 1 $2,273.00 $429.00 $2,273.00 $2,702.00
Gen Chem 2 $2,273.00 Use same book $2,273.00 $2,273.00
Org Chem 1 $2,273.00 $287.00 $2,273.00 $2,560,00
Org Chem 2 $2,273.00 Use same book $2,273.00 $2,273.00
Chem 150 $2,770.00 $321.00 $2,770.00 $3,091.00
Biochemistry $2,273.00 $285.00 $2,273.00 $2,558.00
Physics 1 $2,273.00 $234.00 $2,273.00 $2,507.00
Physics 2 $2,273.00 Use same book $2,273.00 $2,273.00
Biology 1 $2,273.00 295.00 $2,273.00 $2,568,.00
Biology 2 $2,273.00 Use same book $2,273.00 $2,273.00
Anatomy & Phys 1 $2,273.00 $243.00 $2,273.00 $2,516.00
Anatomy & Phys 2 $2,273.00 Use same book $2,273.00 $2,273.00
Microbiology $2,273.00 $370.00 $2,273.00 $2,643.00
Psychology 101 $2,273.00 $208.00 $2,273.00 $2,481.00
Psychology 201 $2,273.00 $150.00 $2,273.00 $2,423.00

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is offered in two locations:
Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.
Los Angeles classes are held at:
Southern California University of Health Sciences
16200 E. Amber Valley Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604
Directions to ISP - Los Angeles - Whittier Campus

San Francisco Bay Area classes are held at:
22100 Princeton Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Directions to ISP - San Francisco Bay Area - Hayward Campus

ISP Phone: 1-877-477-7242
ISP FAX: 1-877-203-5588

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