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Integrated Science Program
Students Testimonials

Since September 2008, the Integrated Science Program has proudly served nearly 4,000 students who have successfully completed science prerequisite classes enabling them to attend the health profession school of their choice, and, in many cases, launching them into their new health related career.

ISP students report that they complete ISP courses with a high level of confidence and a deep understanding of the subject matter. Due to the intensive learning environment, ISP students state that never before have they grasped and retained the concepts of basic sciences so completely.

We are proud to provide such an important and meaningful science education program to these highly motivated individuals. We invite you to learn more about the ISP program by listening to each of the following testimonials by ISP students. These testimonials offer perspectives on a sample of ISP course offerings.

Pre-Chiropractic Testimonials:

Crispin Woods, Pre-Chiropractic student

Pre-Med Testimonials:

Kulwa Apara, Pre-Med student


Kamilah King, Pre-Nursing LVN to RN student

Tomora Tonioli, Pre-Nursing BSN student

Pre-Pharmacy Testimonial:

Eduardo Waller de Oliveira

Pre-Radiology Testimonial:

Joshua Jun, Pre-Radiology student

The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is offered in two locations:
Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area.
Los Angeles classes are held at:
Southern California University of Health Sciences
16200 E. Amber Valley Dr.
Whittier, CA 90604
Directions to ISP - Los Angeles - Whittier Campus

San Francisco Bay Area classes are held at:
22100 Princeton Street
Hayward, CA 94541
Directions to ISP - San Francisco Bay Area - Hayward Campus

ISP Phone: 1-877-477-7242
ISP FAX: 1-877-203-5588

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