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Anatomy and Physiology 2

College Science Prerequisites, Course Description, and Textbooks

Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIO 202) – Prerequisites

High School Diploma or equivalent, and Anatomy & Physiology 1 or equivalent.

Anatomy and Physiology 2 (BIO 202) – Course Description

Anatomy and Physiology 2 is a lower division, 4-unit, intensive, immersion-learning course that requires four weekends to complete. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 6:30pm, each Saturday and each Sunday we offer a face-to-face lecture session and a face-to-face laboratory session. In addition, a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week of self-paced, web-based learning support activities are required.

Anatomy and Physiology 2 covers the structure and function of the human body and mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis with it. Topics include the study of blood, cardiovascular system including lymphatic system, immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system and male and female reproductive systems. Emphasis is placed on the integration of systems as they relate to normal health. Laboratory exercises provide first hand experience with the structure and processes discussed in lecture.

Additional Unit: If a student needs to earn 5 semester units for BIO 202 instead of 4 to meet pre-requisite requirements of a given academic program he or she seek to gain admission into, he or she may sign up for an ISP Capstone taken concurrently with this Course. The ISP Capstone is a 1-Unit, instructor-supervised, independent, 45hr research project, which fosters opportunity for empirically based study that enhances, deepens, and further integrates knowledge of an ISP Courses key concept. Students interested in the ISP Capstone pleas click here

Anatomy & Physiology 2 – Textbooks

Thibodeau, G. & Patton, K. Anatomy & physiology. 7 ed. St. Louis, MO: Mosby Publishers; 2009.
(ISBN-10: 0-323-05532-X)**
** The 6th Edition of the same book may also be used as a required textbook for this course (ISBN-10: 0-323-03718-6)

Thibodeau, G. & Paton, K. Study guide for anatomy & physiology.
(ISBN-10: 0-323-05529-X)

Additional texts (Recommended):

Netter, F. H. Atlas of human anatomy. 6 ed. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders Elsevier; 2014.
(ISBN-10: 1-455-70418-0)

Guyton, A. C., Hall, J. E. Textbook of medical physiology. 11 ed. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders Elsevier; 2005. 
(ISBN-10: 0-721-60240-1)

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