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General Chemistry 2

College Science Prerequisites, Course Description, and Textbooks

General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 102) – Prerequisites

High School Diploma or equivalent, and General Chemistry 1 or equivalent.

General Chemistry 2 (CHEM 102) – Course Description

General Chemistry 2 is a 4-unit, intensive, immersion-learning course that requires four weekends to complete. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 6:30pm, which includes 2 face-to-face lecture sessions and 2 face-to-face laboratory sessions.

The General Chemistry 2 course further develops the concepts of chemical bonding in order to appreciate the size, shape, polarity and macroscopic behavior of molecules. The processes of oxidation-reduction will be explained, particularly as they apply to biological systems. Solution chemistry will be introduced, stressing the concepts of equilibria and colligative properties. Acid/base chemistry, including titrimetry, buffers, and pH will be studied. Nuclear chemistry in the evolution of matter will be briefly considered. Organic chemistry will be introduced as a corollary to concepts presented in the weekend college chemistry course.

Additional Unit: If a student needs to earn 5 semester units for CHEM 102 instead of 4 to meet pre-requisite requirements of a given academic program he or she seek to gain admission into, he or she may sign up for an ISP Capstone taken concurrently with this Course. The ISP Capstone is a 1-Unit, instructor-supervised, independent, 45hr research project, which fosters opportunity for empirically based study that enhances, deepens, and further integrates knowledge of an ISP Courses key concept. Students interested in the ISP Capstone pleas click here

General Chemistry 2 – Textbook

Lecture – Tro, Nivaldo J. Chemistry: A Molecular Approach (3rd edition). Boston, MA: Pearson Education; 2012.
(ISBN-10: 0-321-80924-6)

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