Integrated Science Program

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Physics 1

College Science Prerequisites, Course Description, and Textbooks

Physics 1 (PHYS101) – Prerequisites

High School Diploma or equivalent.

Physics 1 (PHYS101) – Course Description

Physics 1 requires four weekends to complete. The accelerated physics classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 6:30pm.
(4 Semester Units, includes lab*)

This non-calculus, algebra/trigonometry based college physics course will include the following topics: Motion in one and two dimensions, velocity, acceleration, forces and Newton’s Laws of motion, linear and angular momentum, circular motion, center of mass, torque, mechanics of rigid bodies, work, kinetic energy, and potential energy, Newton’s Law of gravitation, Kepler’s Laws, and simple harmonic motion. Problem solving skills will be strongly emphasized.

ISP does not require students to complete any preliminary ‘introduction to Physics’ classes prior to enrollment in our weekend accredited college science program.

* If the college or university to which the student intends to transfer Integrated Science Program (ISP) courses requires 5 instead of 4 semester units per portion of a course (either 1 or 2), we offer 1 semester unit independent study courses for each formal course which provide empirically-based studies that enhance, deepen, and further integrate knowledge of the subject by developing different problem-solving skills and conceptual organization than those fostered in formal classroom and laboratory learning.

Physics 1 – Textbook

Serway, R., Faughn, J., & Vuille, C. (2008). College Physics. 8th. ed. Florence, KY: Thomson/Brooks Cole.
(ISBN-13: 978-0495386933)

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