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Developmental Psychology

College Science Prerequisites, Course Description, and Textbooks

Developmental Psychology: From Infancy to Death (PSY201) – Prerequisites

High School Diploma or equivalent, and General Psychology (PSY101) or equivalent.

Developmental Psychology: From Infancy to Death (PSY201) – Course Description

Developmental Psychology: From Infancy to Death (Lifespan Psychology) requires four thought-provoking weekends to complete. The intensive class sessions are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:30am to 1:30pm.
(3 Semester Units*)

This course is a survey of the psychological development of humans in all their sociocultural diversity beginning with infancy and continuing through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, late adulthood, and death. Major theories of intellectual, emotional, and social development are explored. Emphasis is placed upon the interdependency of various periods of life, scientific methods, and a variety of factors that shape similarities and differences in human development.

ISP does not require prospective students of this course to complete any preliminary ‘introductory’ classes prior to enrollment in our weekend accredited college science program.

* If the college or university to which the student intends to transfer the course requires 4 instead of 3 semester units, we offer 1 semester unit independent study course which provide empirically-based studies that enhance, deepen, and further integrate knowledge of the subject by developing different problem-solving skills and conceptual organization than those fostered in formal classroom learning. The independent study results in a formal capstone project, conducted by the students with the advising of the instructor.

Psychology 2 – Textbook

Experiencing the Lifespan by Janet Belsky. Second Edition.
ISBN: 0716751305

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