Integrated Science Program

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Health Related Professions Requiring Science Prerequisites

Below is a list of health related professions requiring science class prerequisites.

Science class requirements can vary from profession to profession. For this reason, if you have a question about the transferability of an ISP Accelerated College Science Program credit, please contact ISP directly. One of our advisors will email the pertinent syllabus to you, allowing you to determine its eligibility by contacting your school admissions office yourself. Upon request, an ISP advisor can contact the school of your choice to determine ISP basic science course eligibility.

Provided below is list of healthcare related professions requiring science class prerequisites. Please click on the links to review a list of the corresponding prerequisite college science courses for each health profession:

If your professional area of interest is not mentioned above please contact us for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to ISP’s accelerated weekend college science program.